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automate the client engagement process.

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An experience which is

great for people.

Engage with you in their way.

People can start the engagment process with your law firm sooner, and in their own space and time - be it on their mobile phone, or late at night.

They are more in control.

Provide them with more information on your law firm, process, and what to expect. They can save time by booking online and providing relevent files upfront.

An solution which is

great for law firms.

Free up human resources.

By moving your client engagement process online, it frees up time that your staff would normally spend on intaking new clients and booking meetings. It also enables you to intake new clients anytime, not just between business hours.

Be better prepared.

Gain a fuller understanding of your new clients' current situation and expectations, complete with uploaded documentation, before going into any initial conference. All of this information is captured in a completely automated fashion, saving you time.

An end-to-end

automated solution.

LawSwitch provides you with all the tools you need to automated and bring your client engagement process online.
This works in four flexible steps that can be customised to your firm and area of law:

1. Ask the right questions.

Legal chatbots ask the right questions through interactive conversations with your visitors. Fine tune their conversations so that they reflect your brand and legal processes for your area of law.

2. Book more engagements.

Within the same conversation your chatbot can automatically book in meetings with you based on your availabilities. Only set the times you want to be booked. Automatic syncing with your Google or Outlook/Office 365 calendar for hassle free booking.

3. Generate documents & emails.

At the end of the conversation your chatbot can then automatically generate and send customised documents and emails using the information they captured in the conversation to you and your visitor.

4. Get files faster.

In the email, link your visitor to an inbuilt secure client portal and ask them to upload files to you. Extend the engagement past the initial conversation, and enables them to proactively send you what you need earlier.

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LawSwitch is packed with all the

features you'll love.

Conversation designer.

We've made building conversations for chatbots straightforward. LawSwitch has a built in conversation designer that is drag and drop friendly, and will enable you to create conversations for any area of law quickly. Add in powerful conversational elements such as decision points, embedded media and custom functions.

Availability scheduling.

As part of any conversation your legal chatbots can book in appointments on your behalf. You define the times that you wish to be available to be booked by each legal chatbot, and it will only offer those times. Once an appointment is booked in, everyone receives calendar invites via email automatically. Automatic syncing with your Google or Outlook/Office 365 calendar for hassle free booking.

Email and document automation.

Once a LawSwitch chatbot completes a conversation it automatically generates customised documents and emails from your templates, populated straight form the information collected in the conversation. Build your own legal chatbot that can send personalised letters, legal documents, welcome emails effortlessly.

Secure client portals.

Each legal chatbot has its own secure client portal page that enables you to receive files after the initial conversation through your website has finished. Simply link to that client portal page in the email that's sent, and enable your visitors to proactively prepare in their own space and time by sending you the files you need.

Accept payments.

Turn your law firm into an online business by using your chatbot to process credit card transactions. This opens up a world of opportunities such as accepting payments for booked in meetings, automated documents, and other premium content. The credit card form is built into the chatbot's conversation, providing a single seamless experience.

Enquiry routing with multi-calenders.

Build smart logic into your LawSwitch chatbots so they can determine who to send specific enquiries to based on how people are responding to the questions. Then display the selected person's availabilities (from their own booking page), ensuring that the right people in your firm are automatically recieiving quality enquiries and meetings automatically.

Simple to embed.

Getting a LawSwitch legal chatbot up and running in your website is as simple as adding a couple of lines of code into your webpage HTML. Similar to the Google Analytics tracking code.

Brandable landing pages.

As well as being able to embed your legal chatbots directly into your website, you can also provide quick access to your legal chatbots by sharing the link to its own LawSwitch hosted landing page.

Webhooks integration.

Webhooks enable completed conversations to be pushed automatically through to your other cloud services, providing for powerful integrations. Get started by using Zapier webhooks.

Looking for a

customised legal chatbot?

Unlock the full potential of LawSwitch; including document automation and secure client portals, by building your own chatbot within our fully self-service platform, or talk to us about what you need today!

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LawSwitch is

built for law firms.

We've taken the hard work out of it and built a whole library of chatbot templates (below) to get you started, and we are building more all the time. Watch our demo videos to see LawSwitch in action.

Family Law Intake

Includes intake conversation, a sample balance sheet template, and customisable emails. Uses the meeting scheduler and client portal.

Wills & Estates Intake

Includes intake conversation, and customisable emails. Uses the meeting scheduler and client portal.

Commercial Lease Intake

Includes intake conversation, a sample questionnaire template, and customisable emails. Uses the meeting scheduler and client portal.

Business structuring Intake

Includes intake conversation and customisable emails. Uses the meeting scheduler.

Criminal Law Intake

Includes intake conversation, and customisable emails. Uses the meeting scheduler and client portal.

Personal injury compensation Intake

Includes intake conversation, and customisable emails. Uses the meeting scheduler.

Mutual NDA Generator

Includes intake conversation, customisable document template and emails.

Plus seven additional general templates including: an appointment scheduler, contact handler, satisfaction surveyor, document requester, recruitment, and more coming!

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